Coltellerie Berti Scarperia handmade in Italy

Coltellerie Berti una lunga storia

Coltellerie Berti, a long history of fire iron and skillful hands.

The Coltellerie Berti, since 1895  in the 4th generation family-owned.  It is one of the outstanding knife manufacturers in Italy and guarantees authentic traditional work to this day.

The knife town Scarperia is idyllically situated in the heart of Tuscany.

Italy’s finest and most elegant chef’s knives were developed here for over six hundred years.

In the Berti manufactory, every knife is considered unique.

Made entirely by a single Coltelliere and signed with his initials.

Andrea Berti says we combine tradition from near and far from the past to today to bring out the profound design that unites them .

To this day, these knives are valued for their distinctively curved handles. What is special about Berti is the use of high-quality materials.

The blades of the chef’s knives are made of high-alloy steel, hand-forged and hardened several times.

The convex cut, “un taglio dolce” as Andrea Berti calls it, a sweet cut, makes the knives incredibly sharp and yet robust. Berti combine them with fine woods and horn from the region.

Boxwood, olive and buffalo are the ancient elements of knife art in Italy. The handles made of these natural materials are soft and supple in the hand. A warm feel depending on your taste.

The use of buffalo horn as the knife handle is unique. Only very old adult oxen from a certain region have such powerful, impressive horns, which are used to make handles  are useful.

The Coltelleria Berti still stands for innovation and tradition in equal measure.

The production facility in Scarperia does not have any modern digitally controlled machines in use to this day. Everything is made by hand as it has been since the early days.

Fatti a mano , Fatti in Italia

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