Saladini, Italian kitchen knives from Scarperia

Saladini Kochmesser

Coltelleria Saladini finest Italian chef’s knives

With the chef’s knife series Collezione Cucina, Saladini Scarperia Apennin has made a big splash. Shapely, attractive and exceptional feel inspired us.

Coltelleria Saladini, Messermanufaktur aus Scarperia Toskana

Coltelleria Saladini has provided the Collezione Cucina with various unique shapes that are rarely found with other manufacturers.

The elegant curve of the blade is reflected in the slightly curved handle. With the ergonomic, conically curved handle, the knife can be used perfectly in all areas of application.

The hand holding the knife is completely embraced and the wood feels fantastically soft. A caressing touch. The perfect ergonomics.

Saladini is one of the few chef’s knife manufacturers who still stamp their blades with your company logo, just like the Coltelliers have done for centuries .

The blade shapes are all curved and have a matt satin finish. The cuisine of Italy is also reflected here. Slenderly ground  fillet knife for the fruits of the sea, as well as a carving knife for the Arosto di Vitello.

The oval bolster is reminiscent of classic French bolsters from Auvergne.

Mediterranean elegance and the lightness of Italian knife art that inspired us.

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Saladini Collezione Cucina Kochmesser Olivo 25 cm