TYPEMYKNIFE® making of Video Trailer

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The TYPEMYKNIFE® Video Trailer

In order to shoot our TYPEMYKNIFE® video trailer, we asked our mutual friend filmmaker David Adlhoch from Stockholm to come to Schwäbisch Gmünd with us come.

I had already made various small films with David. One accompanied me to the knife-making workshop in Sweden.

David unearthed beautiful scenes and settings. Stockholm in a summer mood. Knife from Typemyknife Messermanufaktur in all views and details.

A glimpse into the famous Stockholm Library and a visit to the Armory in the Royal Palace. You can see the film on Youtube.

We were really happy that David came to Schwäbisch Gmünd especially for the shoot.

Packed with suitcases and cases with camera equipment, we picked him up at Stuttgart Airport. There was a big hello.

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The shoot begins. A film is created

The first location for our trailer was already agreed.

On the same evening we stood in a forge with a blazing fire, splashing embers and glowing iron. The medieval building with its dark atmosphere fitted perfectly with our idea of making knives.

The master blacksmith of the Staufer Association Mr. Musch did his best. The hammer slammed heavily onto the blade. The tinder splashes brightly. The glowing iron hisses as it cools in the water basin.

David captured the images with a highly sensitive camera in the dark.

The finished knife, sharpened and shiny in the case, was then accepted by Claus. Everything in the box.

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The next day, the shoot in the TYPEMYKNIFE knife manufactory.

The second day of shooting took place in the knife workshop. It’s awesome how remote-controlled cameras move through the room on a slider to capture moving images.

We were fascinated by how David captured the scenes via remote control. While I was filing, the camera moved across the workplace, silently and smoothly.

David had already prepared everything, knew which scenes worked best from which angles and in which light.

That’s what makes a good filmmaker. Knowing which action works from which angle with the right lighting. And which camera movement is necessary for this.

Just as he directed what was to be staged now and what we should contribute to it, he also had a detailed idea of the later cut and the sequence of the individual takes.

Just a few minutes of film kept us busy all day. Standing around stupidly, sometimes with real action.

At the end of the second day of shooting we were excited, happy about the excerpts we had already seen and celebrated what would come out as a movie over dinner together.

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The camera describes the inscription process, the laser engraving.

The next morning we went to the laser. The previously designed motif, a juniper branch, became reality on the blade with great precision. Like a reporter, David clung to the viewing window of the large laser system, as if he didn’t want to miss the finish line.

It’s quite difficult to capture the laser engraving process. The laser marking takes place behind a protective pane. Laser radiation is dangerous if exposed directly.

The process cannot be repeated several times, because each time a unique piece is created, a completely labeled knife.

But David, fully concentrated, digitally reproduced everything perfectly.

It’s great fun to work with a professional with a lot of professional experience who already has the best images for the film in mind and then captures them on the spot with the camera.

We could count on that.

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The day of shooting in the professional kitchen with the engraved kitchen knife.

Claus made his big appearance on the last day of shooting. We were allowed to shoot in the renowned Wacholder restaurant in Steinheim. The restaurant is run by former cooking colleagues of Claus.

The Wacholder has a beautifully designed guest room. Many tables and chairs are  unique collectibles collected from here and there.

Lovingly arranged objects can be found everywhere. The entire dining room is artistically designed in terms of colour.

In the perfectly equipped professional kitchen, Claus chopped as much as he could. The knife blade sways in slow motion through the fresh chives. Close-up of the cutting edge under running water. Poetic images..

We celebrated the success of our work-intensive days of shooting in the Wacholder with an excellent menu of top-class cuisine. David also caught that with his camera. A wonderful final scene for the TYPEMYKNIFE® trailer..

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The next morning, David Adlhoch went straight back to Stockholm. Work called. We eagerly awaited the finished film.

Here you can see what a beautiful film was made.

The Typemyknife® Trailer

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