Kitchen knife engraving from idea to design

Kitchen knife engraving from idea to design | 3D Gravur Konfigurator | 1

From the design idea to the knife. The subject of cooking.

It starts with the simple idea of what could be a beautiful kitchen knife design.

Knives Cooking and eating are an inseparable triad. Kitchen knives on the magnetic strip or in the knife block say a lot about the style of the kitchen. The types of knives about the chef.

The selection of knives even allows conclusions to be drawn about taste and the choice of recipe.

The circle closes when the right knife design on the blade fits the chef, knife and kitchen.

So what could be more obvious than vegetables on the chef’s knife blade. Meat, cheese or even the chef himself?

One of our frequently used design templates are fish and shellfish, or soup vegetables, leeks, potatoes , carrot, parsley. That goes well with cooking.

Of course, it’s clever to depict a knife on the knife, or other kitchen utensil. You can also find this in our design templates.

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Design on kitchen knife blades. The gift idea

A gift should be individual. The better the motif fits the preferences and character traits of the recipient, the better.

We have created a huge range of themed design templates.

Under the headings in the gallery you will find design templates for the passionate hunter or angler. You will find the things that are mostly about it.. The car, the bike, the pilot and much more.

Sometimes you just want to say something nice. congratulations. Hearts, laurel wreaths.

With the text function in our 3d configurator, you can write love greetings, words of thanks, congratulations and dedications directly to your motifs on the kitchen knife blade


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TYPEMYKNIFE designs the knives of our top chefs individually.

Cooks and grill masters love to present their very own knife in the kitchen or on the grill. Normal knives all have.

One the extra sharp ones, the next the really big ones or best of all the one-offs from the samurai blacksmith.

For our star chefs, we have our meat sommeliers and kitchen nerds, developed a personally tailored blade design.

Sometimes the head chef bubbles over with great ideas, which then have to find their shape on the blade.

A stroke of luck when a star chef gave us the forearm tattoo presented and we can process them into a great knife motif.

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Rolf Straubinger and his Staufeneck fine dining kitchen knife.

One of the first knives we designed for star chefs is the Rolf Straubinger knife.

The star chef resides beautifully in the  ; Staufeneck Castle near Göppingen near Stuttgart. His creative work as a top chef is known far beyond the borders.

We met a very personable old-school restaurant chef. He can look back on a long tradition of cooks and innkeepers at Staufeneck Castle in his family.

It was immediately clear to him that the picturesque castle and, his creations, the food in the Michelin-star restaurant Fine Dining must be on his knife.

We took photos of Staufeneck right away, where the castle sits enthroned on the rolling hills of the Swabian Alb. From this we created black and white drawings with high contrast. This made one side of the blade.

We designed the other with a parade of small delicacies. Results from the star kitchen.

Rolf chose a chef’s knife from the Italian knife manufacturer Saladini. An elegant knife with a 25 cm blade and a dark Bocote handle. Finally, a perfect ensemble of blade design, motif and knife.

Sven Ritzmann Frontside

Star chef Benjamin Maerz’s forearm tattoo on a Güde The Knife

An amazingly simple design solution was offered by  star chef Benjamin Maerz in Bietigheim.

Benjamin and his brother Christian run the star restaurant Maerz und Maerz in Bietigheim near Stuttggart.

Benjamin is the cook, Christian as the sommelier takes care of the high-quality drinks.

As we sat in the wonderfully designed dining room and surrounded of monkey lamps and bull heads pondering a matching knife motif, Benjamin rolled up the sleeve of his chef’s jacket and exposed his forearm.

On top of that, a full-surface tattoo of light and dark hexagons lined up next to each other. The perfect and individual motif was found.

We took photos. Then an extensive retouching work began. The tattoo was great, but the hair, which was also shown in the photo, had to go.

As a knife for the finished tattoo template, Benjamin chose one of the most interesting and at the same time most controversial chef’s knives on the knife market. The “The Knife” from the Güde company in Solingen.

This knife is an enormous curved piece of steel. It is guided by a small handle that sits above the blade. An outstanding innovative kitchen tool.

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We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and personalize your selected knife from the TYPEMYKNIFE® Shop.  Use our 3D configurator to individually design your personal chef’s knife with writing, text  and graphics or your own picture. Design freely and without limits, be creative. Use the variety of our design templates or load your own photos into the configurator. Combine your picture with text and writing or a message to your loved ones. A very personal gift.

We at TYPEMYKNIFE® engrave and refine your design request from the configurator with our high class laser technology permanently in deep black both sides of the blade.