Tournament Knives-The Best Forged from Europe

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1. The definition of a touring knife

Touring knives, also known as vegetable knives or paring knives, are versatile tools in the kitchen specifically designed for peeling and trimming fruit and vegetables.

Their name comes from the French word “tourner”, which means “to turn”. Using a touring knife requires a certain skill, as it requires precise handling to get the most out of this tool.

A touring knife has a curved blade that tapers inwards on both sides. This shape allows the user to rotate the knife around the fruit or vegetable as it is peeled.

The narrow blade of the touring knife allows precise cuts to be made while ensuring minimal loss of food volume.


2. The intended use of the Tournament Knife

Using it offers several advantages. First, it allows for efficient and quick preparation of fruits and vegetables. Peeling makes it easy to remove unwanted skin or peel without losing too much of the valuable flesh or vegetables. This ensures maximum use of the ingredients.

Secondly, it enables precise presentation of fruit and vegetables. With its curved blade, the knife can cut elaborate shapes and patterns into the food, which is beneficial when presenting dishes, especially in upscale kitchens or for special occasions. It is particularly useful when cutting decorative garnishes such as flowers, wheels or other ornaments.

In addition, it can  also be used when removing seeds, sprouts or eyes from fruits and vegetables. The precise tip of the knife allows these unwanted parts to be removed accurately without damaging the surrounding tissue.

It is important to note that its use requires practice. For best results, hold the knife correctly and use a smooth, controlled motion. Careful handling is required to avoid injury as the blade is very sharp and tapered.

Overall, it is a versatile tool in the kitchen that allows for precise and efficient preparation of fruits and vegetables. It offers the possibility to create elaborate cuts and garnishes and is therefore a valuable addition to kitchen equipment for professional chefs and hobby cooks alike. With a little practice and skill, you can improve the aesthetics and taste of your dishes.




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3.1 The Güde Knife Manufacture from the Blade City of Solingen 

The history of Güde knives dates back to 1910, when Karl Güde produced his first knife in Solingen, the famous German knife-making city. From the beginning, Karl Güde was committed to producing high quality knives that met the highest standards of quality, sharpness and durability.

Over the years, the Güde brand has earned a first-class reputation and is now valued worldwide. Güde knives are used in many renowned restaurants and kitchens and are favoured by professional chefs for their quality and performance. The combination of tradition, craftsmanship and innovative design makes Güde a respected brand in the knife industry.

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3.2 Goyon Chazeau Le Thiers from Thiers in de Auvergne France

The knives of Goyon-Chazeau stand for outstanding craftsmanship and tradition. The company was founded in 1902 in Thiers, France, and has since built a first-class reputation for producing high-quality knives.

The history of Goyon-Chazeau is closely linked to the long tradition of knife-making in Thiers. Thiers is known worldwide as the centre of French knife production and is synonymous with high-quality knives. Goyon-Chazeau has taken up this tradition and combines it with modern technologies to produce knives of the highest quality.

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3.3 The Coltellerie Berti from Scarperia Florence Italy

The Coltellerie Berti in Scarperia is a renowned knife manufacturer with a fascinating history. Scarperia, a small town in Tuscany, Italy, has been known for centuries for its world-class knife-making, and Coltellerie Berti is one of the most prominent representatives of this tradition.

The origins of Coltellerie Berti date back to 1895, when David Berti founded the workshop. Since then, the company has built a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and high-quality knives. Each knife from Berti is handcrafted by skilled artisans, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials.

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3.4 The Burgvogel Kitchen Knife Manufacture from the Blade City of Solingen Germany 

The history of Burgvogel knives in Solingen dates back to the 18th century and is closely linked to the traditional knife manufacturing in this German city. Solingen has gained a worldwide reputation as the centre of the German cutlery industry, and Burgvogel knives are an outstanding example of the quality and precision associated with this name.

The roots of Burgvogel knives go back to 1748, when master blacksmith Johannes Wilhelm Lauterjung laid the foundation for the brand we know today. Since then, the company has continued to develop and has become synonymous with first-class knives. The Burgvogel brand is named after the bird castle that was once located in Solingen and stands as a symbol of strength and protection.

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3.5 The Felix Knife Manufactory from the Blade City of Solingen Germany

The knife manufactory Felix Solingen stands for tradition, quality and craftsmanship at the highest level. Since its founding in 1790, the company has earned a reputation as a renowned manufacturer of high-quality knives.

The history of the Felix Knife Manufactory dates back to the 18th century, when Johann Abraham Felix opened his workshop in Solingen. Solingen, also known as “The Blade City”, is famous worldwide for its first-class knife manufacturing and is considered the centre of the German cutlery industry. It is in this prestigious environment that Felix Solingen has built its heritage.

Felix Solingen knives are distinguished by their high quality, durability and precise workmanship.

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3.6 Coltelleria Saladini from Scarperia Florence Italy 

The Saladini Knife Manufactory in Scarperia, Italy, is a forge steeped in tradition and renowned for its handmade knives of the highest quality. With a history dating back to the 19th century, Saladini Knife Manufacture has become a symbol of Tuscan craftsmanship and precision.

Each Saladini knife is intricately handcrafted by skilled artisans. From the selection of high-quality materials to the final finishing, every step is carefully executed to ensure a knife of outstanding quality.

Saladini knives are distinguished by their unique design and aesthetics. The handles are made of various high-quality materials such as olive wood, horn or bone, giving the knives a rustic charm and a natural beauty.

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3.7.  DICK kitchen knives from Esslingen near Stuttgart

The history of Dick kitchen knives from Esslingen is a success story based on quality, innovation and tradition. The company was founded in 1778 and has since developed into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality kitchen knives.

Dick kitchen knives are characterised by their high sharpness, edge retention and ergonomics. Each knife is carefully crafted by hand and undergoes strict quality controls to ensure that it meets the highest standards. The use of high quality materials such as stainless steel  ensures high durability and precision.


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The laser engraving innovation from TYPEMYKNIFE®

The laser technology from Typemyknife has revolutionised knife engraving, providing a precise, high-quality and personalised solution for customers worldwide. Typemyknife has established itself as a leader in the industry, using innovative laser technology to apply custom engravings to knives.

The use of laser technology allows TYPEMKYNIFE® to engrave the finest details and complex designs on knife blades and handles. The laser beam is precisely controlled and can work on a variety of materials such as stainless steel, wood or plastic. This allows customers to personalise their knives according to their own preferences and needs.

The advantages of TYPEMKYNIFE®‘s laser technology are its accuracy and versatility. The precise control of the laser allows the finest lines, letters and patterns to be engraved on the blades without damaging the material. In addition, the flexibility of the laser technology means that individual designs and logos can be applied to give the knives a personal touch.

Laser engraving by TYPEMKYNIFE® also offers high durability and longevity. Unlike traditional engraving methods that wear away the surface of the material, laser technology allows for a permanent engraving that remains visible even after years of use. The engraving is resistant to wear, rust and other influences, which ensures long-term customer satisfaction.

Another advantage of laser technology is its efficiency and speed. Laser engraving can be done in a short time, which allows for quick processing and delivery of the personalised knives. This is particularly beneficial for customers who need their knives for special occasions, gifts or events.

Typemyknife places great emphasis on customer satisfaction and offers a wide range of options for laser technology. Customers can choose from different fonts, symbols and designs or submit their own templates. This ensures that each engraved knife is a unique and individual work of art.

Overall, TYPEMKYNIFE® laser technology has taken knife engraving to a new level. With its precision, durability and versatility, it offers a tailor-made solution for customers who want to personalise their knives. Whether as a gift, memento or promotional item, laser engraving by Typemyknife makes it possible to turn knives into a very special and personal accessory.